"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anaïs Nin

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I finished my diploma.
I thought it was all fireworks and great things.

But all I can compile now is mediocrity.



I know to some I have no right to voice out my opinion, but here's my two cents anyway.

Malaysia, I've been here for far too long to even consider myself a proud Indonesian.
5 years ago, when I was just turning 13 I wouldn't even understand the works of politics. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology I think I might have just captured the gist of it. Congratulations to BN for 'winning' the votes and congratulations to the opposition parties for winning the 89 parliamentary seats. Looking at history, that's progress for the opposition!

Okay, so 'democracy' is lost. Corruption, corruption, corruption.
It's inevitable. There's no such country without corruption. Because really, everyone is just too greedy to be equal - especially politicians. I think I've watched enough of Parks & Rec to understand how government works and they really show you the dirty tricks. As innocent and modest Leslie Knope is (the main gal on Parks & Rec), she still has tricks up her sleeve. You should really watch Parks & Recreation.
So that's my thought: nothing is fair and justice will only prevail for the ones with money.
I get that the National Front (BN) has been in reign for a long time. Malaysia wants change, but is Malaysia ready? All that matters now is to calm down. You're only making it worse by getting angry. Shit happens, but it's what you make of it.

Now, my other concern is calling upon Obama to rescue. I'm sorry, but is he the daddy of the world? He's the President of United States! He's got his own country, which is like double the size of Malaysia to take care of. I get it, America is the greatest country in the world (I don't think so) and they can get anything done. But hey, did you know that they're in debt as well?
Amazing, right?
How could a country so great be in debt? Well, remember Afghanistan? Yeah, they're in war with them and I'm pretty sure that's how their money gets blown. Like I said, corruption. Right now at this second, people are actually blaming Obama for the problems they're facing.
Calling upon Obama won't solve a lot of problems - sure, awareness. But... what happens next? The US Military takes over Malaysia? And then what? Malaysia is colonized by the US? Nuh-uh, nobody wants that now right?
It is how it is.
If you really want help, why not raise attention to those countries who are least corrupted? You don't even have go through over 12 timezones, Australia is doing pretty good on having a transparent government. Or Norway. I still wonder if there's actually slums in those countries. America is just not the place, y'all.

I'm not saying Obama is bad, neither is he a guardian of the world. I just respect him and other political figures around the world.
But from what I've learned about politics, there's never a good side. Nothing is perfect.
So are political idealisms. Communism and Socialism sounded equal, but what happened? Read George Orwell's Animal Farm and you'll understand. Karl Marx, Josef Stalin and Kim Jong Un. However, comparing Democracy to the two idealisms is just not right, duh. I'm just talking about idealisms.
But really, what I heard was that Fidel Castro did a pretty good job ruling Cuba by communism. How would you know that North Koreans actually like living under Kim Jong Il's rule?
That's media talk. But let's just not get to that.

Democracy is about its people. So why not start internally? This one viral post that I find it so intriguing on Facebook is the end of the discrimination between races. As far as I'm concerned, I think that's not just the problem of the government. It's the people too. Why hate on the foreigners-slash-phantom-voters who were brought here for the election? It's not their fault. They didn't even do on purpose!
You know who they did it for? Their families who are struggling everyday to have a living. They needed that money for their future, despite its illegality. They're not just some vile humans who want to make your lives terrible, they're just doing it for the sake of their families. Hell, their countries are most probably more corrupted than this one. It's not right, I know, but they needed the money to survive.

Okay, slightly going off topic.

What I'm trying to say is, don't hate on foreigners and be internationally diplomatic to one another. Hate foreigners for getting paid? I'm sorry, but everyone moved on to another country for a better living. Which is what foreigners are doing too. So it's all one big cycle. Paradox.
And eliminate all forms that actually ask for your race - I mean, what the hell? What am I supposed to put? Javanese? That's gonna get me even deeper in trouble I think.
Go out of your comfort zone and socialize with everyone. All I kinda see here are cliques of races. Be the melting pot of culture the country advertises you to be.
And oh my God, this one I beg of the media from the bottom of my heart, do not stress the whole idea of 1Malaysia in your ads or whatever element you place for the world to see. It's so painful to see how hard you try. Make sure your characters actually connect before you shoot the damn thing.
I won't touch on Malay privileges but goddammit make your own privilege!
I'm kidding. But really though, why the hell not?

It's not all sad and gloomy (ironic because it's raining cats & dogs outside) in this world because there's always the other side of the coin. Nothing is all bad, but nothing is all good either.
Fight peacefully, and persevere.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. ― George Orwell

P.s. you can hate on me for this piece but just to let you know I'm on neither sides
P.p.s. also it's to remind that God is watching and those who aren't nice always get punished
P.p.p.s they really do - look at the PM he's balding and his wife can't even smile, therefore no pahala (it's a Muslim thing)
p.p.p.p.s but it's not all Najib, if you kinda think about it
p.p.p.p.p.s. in 2.5 years you might even regret what you say, or have forgotten
(hahahhaha i can write another post writing all this)


majorly minor.

If I'm demotivated, everything else clutter.
I'm surrounded by great people.
This isn't always about me.
Stop doing it wrong.
Deep breaths.
It'll be okay.

Mind over matter.


I am sad.
I am not happy.