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153 hearts stolen tonight.

hari-hari seindah lukisan,
bagai pohon bertunas impian,
jangan, janganlah kita lepaskan.
bubuk kenangan dalam lukisan.


i'm in love with that song
took that picture just now at study period when me and ilya were shooting for our video interview thing.
man i'm exhausted.

on sunday my dad woke me up to go cycling. i was all lazy and stuff and guess what? after getting ready, it got cloudy and then it started drizzling.
before we got to the entrance of the condo, it started to rain like cats and dogs.
so much for getting ready man.
was such a lazy sunday, didnt even do anything.
except watch Boys Over Flowers which ayesha made me watch. haha.
i am currently in love with Yi Jung♥ ahahaha.
he's adorable, with no doubt.

on monday picked up my sisters from their "camp" and heard their oh-so-fortunate story. apparently the chick i quite dislike made my sisters hate her too. so now all three of us dont like her. yay! hahaha.
theres just something wrong with her. go read my sister's blog to see the annoyance :)
finally bought Baskin Robbins since it was the 31st so we'd get 31% off the handpack ice creams :)

tuesday was fun.
i miss school.
we had yoga for PE and my back was so sore after the big round bouncy ball we were exercising with. haha. finished my photo editing for photoshop and it actually turned out nice :D
like this is before

and this is after

mwahahaha! daddieeee I want CS4 nowww. :)
it was actually quite frustrating zooming in to get it all right.
went for drama and we got a part of the script. it was so funny, i cant wait to do it. i want to be the narrator :)
after that me and ilya rushed to pyramid to shoot some videos all over pyramid.
includes jusco, speedy, harvey norman (which we got shoo-ed xD), starbucks, pizza hut and while we were walking.
met hanif on the way back. :)
he didnt look so happy though. I miss him.

anyway, we went to edit the stuff and did more stuff after that.
i had fun, really.
then we saw the videos of some peoples interviews today.
we had to change a lot.
took a lot of time to make it funny.
i hope people will enjoy it :)

had basketball for PE. i forgot my pants so i was late since i wanted to borrow theofanis pants.
thank you! :D
and we played basketball. i had fun despite the fact that i despise basketball.
i dont think it was mr burrells day though..
had to make a greeting card for communications technology.
mines gonna suck since it sucks already.

had fun in the common room today.
the mime show was great too! i wanted to cry at the Farewell part. it was really sad.
i was thinking what if it happens to me :(

oh and me and my sister got bored so we went to the lunchbox to buy some indonesian food :D
bought fruit tea fusion (yay!), pop mie and momogi!
it was for 7 bucks which is such a ripoff if you convert.
but everything seems to be more expensive if you do anyway.
but yea, i would be returning there soon :D
after that we walked around the college and even went to the library and cafeteria.
my sister wanted bubble tea so we went to pink.
they didnt have bubble tea :(
but either way i had fun.
i cant believe im staying up.
someone slap me.

ah crap i dont have batteries for scavenger hunt tomorrow!

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