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154 kilometres away from you.

okay i just realized that the picture looked quite emo. hahahah.
but i like it! it took me a lot of effort to take it nicely. i had some other few which was... em0-er haha. i had a photography bicycle trip like a few weeks ago. i think i blogged about it...

anyways, i have no homework from math at all. finally.
i should seriously embrace this, coz i got a feeling that next semester is gonna be loads of work.
there should be english, science and 2 more which i still dont know.
andriana told me to take business coz its "fun".
i hate business.
i wouldnt have much to choose actually. i have a feeling i have to take IT which is a lot of work.
haaaa no more freedom :(

anywho, its still a long way. i still have to find out a way to pass this sem.
i had a math test, PE test and CT test.
math test = horrible. 6 marks are so off.
PE test = crap. coz thats what i wrote.
CT test = :( because i took a loooooong time. which im not supposed to.

there was nothing going on in careers class so i just brought my keys and laptop. ha ha.

on thursday we went to taman pertanian in Shah Alam for the scavenger hunt.
there was a monkey.
we had to take a picture with an animal.
i went to the monkey.
and got chased :(
well sorta, i screamed and ran away while it was turning. hahahaha but it was a funny experience. laugh all you want, coz im not embarrassed by my stupid act xD
but yeaaa it was fun but very tiring.
thank god i wasnt fasting. haha.
i hope Megan upload the photos! cant wait to see it :)

going to ISKL next friday coz of the football tournament and im going to meet up with Akmal and Tanya. yay :)
thank god for the yearbook committee! haha

its funny that the fact that i most probably stunk really bad on that day, i got back to the hostel like around 7 something. why? :)
coz i met up with hanif and we played left 4 dead. hahahaha.
it wasnt so bad. i only managed to kill a few zombies though... haha
played with lara and auleep.
i almost died like 2 times or even more hahaha

went to sayfol on friday
i got my nerds :D thank you daniel!
and i met a couple of people.
i cant wait to go back there again on monday
to see my friends.
and my report card. hahaha

went to KLCC today.
got my bank account.
per month.
talk about saving a LOT. -.-

and you know what
im sick of the stupid passport of mine.
how could they write my name wrongly?
im sure i wrote my name correctly and how could they have written it wrongly?
screw you seriously.
now everyone thinks my name is Saniwi.
screw you passport.

my name is my life.
it ruins my pride.
never ever write my name wrongly.
you would get a slap.

i bought pandan cake, shapes, dorayaki and lasagna for bukaaaa :D
its time to buka!
.... in 3 more minutes! hahaha

my dad said anniversary instead of some other word!
HAHAHA it was funny..
would be funnier if i remembered what that word was.
chewbacca! ♥

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