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i want to make 155 memories with you.

and hold your own, know your name.
and go your own way.
and everything will be fine.

my god, i havent had proper sleep for the last couple of days.
tuesday was seriously doomsday. i had like a truck load of assignments for all 4 subjects.
i felt like i couldve died on the spot.

math was a new unit so of course, doing investigation and practice stuff. its very annoying.
and the work didnt even make any sense, really.
mr derek is rushing us, so its now like one chapter per day since theres a chapter test next week. its quite frustrating. im just happy that theres no new formulas.

then PE, we had to do an aerobics video. and the due date is the next 3 days. yes, tomorrow.
and i'm editing the video now. well, not really. i just started converting.
this is crazy.

for communications technology, we had to morph our faces to our favourite superhero... and make a tutorial. yeap, so i had to print screen every thing i did.
it was frustrating. there was nothing more confusing than that.

and last but not least, career studies.
i have to make some autobiography crap about my future. like Person Of The Year in Time Magazine.. and in total i would have to write up to 1000 words.. or less.
okay, i love writing but not on purpose. i dont know if that made sense or not.

i finished my communications technology and math. but the workload just keeps on coming.
i feel like im drenched into work this week especially.
wednesday was quite a bad day for me since i didnt sahur/eat in the morning to fast.
i woke up at 5 and slept again... till 6. what a klutz.
so yeah, i gave up since i was waaay too thirsty.
bought momogi and indomie in the lunchbox though. yummy.

i have lots to complain, but im trying to adapt. besides, its the risk that ive taken.
bah, whatever.
the IT people installed some synchronEyes thing on my laptop.
that means that teachers can seeeee what im doing. creepy.
now my laptop is super gay because of it. i hate it.
really bad.
i think my laptop is turning weird too.
my mouse is ultra gay, i cant photoshop properly.

man, ive actually got a lot to blog but since im way tired i dont think im gonna write so much.
i just cant wait for tomorrow, which is friday.
friday = sleep.
but then again, im meeting Tanya in ISKL. i cant wait for that =]

today was insane.
but i loved it =]
i had fun talking about cats with hanif. bahaaahah =]
my shift key is turning gay.

oh my god, i looked like a guy in my morphed picture.
im not very happy about it, and to make it even worse, thats my yearbook photo.

im suffering from hunger right now.
i want to sleep but i have this urge to stay up for absolutely no reason.
but then again, i usually talk to this housemate of mine - who is an awesome chick - andriana all the time. shes so fun. im so happy that shes my housemate.
i cant wait to buka with her next week. i hope.

i shall laugh at my results for my mid term report because theyre going to be ridiculous.
my sister bought me another pair of earphones since she lost the ones that i bought.
thank god there was an ict fair, or else i wouldnt be having earphones for a very long time. i hope they last.

all thats left on my to-do list is my photography contest and my career studies. my PE video is so screwed up.
i swear, this is not my lucky week for work.
im off to shower and to sleep, i dont wanna care anymore about work.

oh yes, we had a small little picnic for buka in titiwangsa with nandos on the weekend. it was quite a view. and there were 2 cats eating our bones. arent they just so helpful to the world ;)
see, lots to say.
seriously, off to shower.

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