"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anaïs Nin

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156 steps to take.

youre a chance taker, heart breaker;
got me wrapped around your finger.

aaaaaah i miss home!
well not exactly, im having fun with my housemate here.
she makes me stay up till 12.30 the least. ahaha
shes a lot of fun!

but school isnt.
i had so much work to do and still have a pile to do later.
at least i finished my PE.
which was actually quite an interesting assignment to do. i dont know what to write for 'what i learned from this clinic' though.
walking back to the hostel wasnt fun since... well lets just say that its a world full of perverts who have no life :)

friday was quite interesting.
ISKL is humongous with no doubt. i swear i wish im a student there. my life would possibly be so much better. it was nice to see Tanya again :)
had fun in pyramid. sushi king was a bummer since the sushi guy kept on looking at us. very annoying.
played House of the Dead 3 with my sister and Time Crisis + Dance Dance Revolution + Daytona with Andriana :)
i told you shes fun :)
after that we met Ola, Olen and Jesselyn over at Auntie Annes and chilled there for a bit and rushed back to the hostel.

saw the futsal tournament for a bit till my dad picked me and my sisters up and went to Bangi.
i also saw mr burrells daughter. she is so adorable. shes gonna be so prettyyy :)
quite a long journey so i slept in the car.
i actually liked it.
had yong tau foo on saturday!
i love it to death now.
i swear, i ate like a yong tau foo eating mutant. it never tasted so good :)

sunday was a boring day, slept in almost the whole time.
the soto betawi was uber spicy. i had to drink all my snapple so that the hideous taste of spice was gone. grr.

things are alright. its been fine to me, at least.
i cannot wait for friday.
i cannot wait for raya which is just around the corner!
i lost and gained back my weight but i hope i get taller. thats all im asking.

my right arm hurt quite bad from volleyball. i still dont know how to serve though.
started on audio for communications technology. and i already have to start finishing the whole magazine for careers or im just screwed, really.

okay i have to do my math now. if i send my hw late, hes gonna pick on me.
pity mr derek.

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