"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anaïs Nin

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describe me in 157 words.

say my name,
say my name,
say my stupid name.
it's so stupid how we always have to do it again.

so its going to be raya in a matter of... wait, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday - four days! :)
haha my aim was to see how much i lost before raya and see how much i gained after the 2 days. bwahahahah.
but as always, it wouldnt probably work coz like what my mom said theres worms inside me eating it all up.
and i was thinking, maybe the worms are my intestines hahaha.

i think i need to find a way to save my money. ive had 60 bucks gone just like that.
its so much easier when i was in sayfol... beh.
either way i cannot wait for friday.
ive got it all planned up but not a confirmed plan.
i cant choose to either eat at mr teppanyaki or at ayam penyet ria.
hmmmm. i really wanna watch final destination though. and ice skating. gah! i miss it.

my parents already have a couple open house invitations.
and my dad was asking my mom if we should have one.
i laugh! LOL.
the so-called house is way too small for it.
but it would be fun if i could have my friends over for a change.
that is going to take a lot of cooking though.

ezzat invited me over, but my mom gave no response... yet.
planned to go out with my sayfol friends but they only have 2 days of holidays. that sucks you guys.
wanted to go to the bukit bintang intersection to take the traffic light... but it would be a lot nicer if it was at night... i wonder if i could persuade my parents. :)
bah, i have lots to do for the holidays and i can see it.

fridaaaaay!! why cant you come faster.
no, im not interested to get my report card.
im interested in what happens at dress down day and after school.

im the "Girl" in drama. I Am Dumb.


i've been itching to watch these couple of movies lately:
1. A Walk To Remember
2. The Notebook
3. Titanic
4. Cats
and some which i cannot remember...
i feel like shooting something. like House Of The Dead. yes.
in eight and a half hours id be doing my math test. i shall fail.

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