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158 ways to kill a human

someday you'll know
if love can move a mountain,
someday you'll know
why the sky is blue,
someday we'll know
why i was the one for you.

i finally watched A Walk To Remember today! argh, its such a sweet story. i'm such a sucker for chick flicks.
i got to watch Cats too! Rum Tum Tugger is hotttttt but not in real life. haha i finally understood the story thanks to the comments on youtube.
youtube saved my life.

anyways, i had my math test on thursday. at least 20 minutes passed and ms alexis (i think) went on the mic and announced:
The government have announced that tomorrow is a public holiday.
and friday was off. awesome.
but yeah, the math test was awful. i already know that ive got 2 mistakes. boo me.
im happy that friday was off since i had CT test to do. which is now on tuesday :)
but was bummed since i was actually looking forward to dress up for Dress Down Day.

i received my report card and id have to say im happy about it. im looking forward to do much better. but now, im scared for my careers report.
which is only in october.
screw it, ill just... be patient and calm :)

after school my sister got really bored so we went to pyramid with andriana.
we walked in the rain.
to pyramid.
heavy raindrops falling to the ground.
thank god sohail lent us his big umbrella to survive :D

left the umbrellas at giant since we didnt want to carry it around :)
ate at mr teppanyaki and had yogurt over at Jco.
i had fun walking back tooo.
we saw ms rani. LOL.
she honked us.
thank god it wasnt past the curfew!

on friday i had a blast.
started off the day hanging out with stephanie, rina and a little bit of aaron.
got to know stephanie a little bit more and bought gummys together :D
aaron couldnt join us for the movie so it was just the three of us.
we watched The Ugly Truth and it was funny. very sexual, but hella funny.
id watch it again :)

after that, rina went back and me and stephanie just hung around pyramid.
i had a fun time with them :)
stephanie dropped me off in school and i met daniel and jaz there coz we were planning to watch Final Destination 4.
we bought bubble tea and walked to pyramid.
i had fun playing house of the dead with them :)
we played DDR, time crisis and daytona too. which was fun :D

i asked Hanif to join so the four of us went to watch Final Destination 4.
gore, is the only thing that came to my mind if i thought about it again.
but yea, if you watched FD3, you might want to watch this... i prefer FD3 though.
the visual effects in FD4 sucked. they couldve done so much better.

funny moment while watching it was that when the main characters gf was wearing shorts/panties and checked out the tv and jaz went whoa! when the whole cinema was all silent.
everyone laughed at him. haha.

after that me and hanif went to asia cafe for his buka. had indomie goreng :)
I miss Indonesian food!! i can list down all the food that i want from there.
anyways, was there and went to play pool and walked back to his car in the rain.
and just chilled in his car after that.
i had a lot of fun :)

just when i thought the day ended, it didnt.
my sister, andriana and hendra were outside of the house chilling at the table. after i signed in i chilled there with them too :)
we were there till like 12 or something. haha talking with them was fun toooo.
albert and kelvin ended up being there too, which was cool.
i ate like a popmie there ahhaha :)

went back home to KL with andriana and chilled at home. we took some pictures for math :D
and talked, but didnt go anywhere.
waiting for everyone doing their raya prayers i managed to take some pictures of the mosque and stuff.
i hope its good enough for the whole photography thing.

after that we went to my mom's friends house, and another one, and shakeirah's house and this family friend's house.
very tiring indeed.
i managed to eat a little bit here and there so i dont think i gained.
but my dad said the weighing scale is broken hahaha.
i still had fun though haha.
apparently when i went to my moms friends house, my parents met an old friend who had a daughter.
and that daughter is the friend of andrianas sister.
this is what you call dejavuuuu!
the same incident happened before in tarbush. which was creeepier.

next day a couple of people came over the house, my urm... grandmas cousins son came over. and the relative of his wife. hahaha, weird connections.
but yea, the house was having guests! yay!
after sending andriana, i picked darius up and he was there too.
the wifi got fixed and then we went to ezzats house.
got to meet my friends, and hanif which was awesome.
but i felt like i abused the time though.
slept after watching an episode of boys over flowers :D

woke up and watched a walk to remember and cats.
a walk to remember is hands down my favourite movie of all time.
cats, is entertaining. i still remember all those stuff i liked when i watched it :D
jellicle catsssssss. bahaha.
im gonna watch the phantom of the opera tomorrow morning :)

met up with ryan for a bit at the 6th floor until hanif, aziim and shakeirah came over.
one of the weirdest moments of my life.
was scared too coz i was thinking of what my parents were thinking.
but i think it went fine since hanif kept on talking... and talking,
at least it wasnt silent.

after that, we ate at tarbush and i ate shit loads.
coz apparently i just ate like twice today in total (with the tarbush) and yea, that would explain my overeating. haha
i had chicken briyani and bits of caramel pudding and chicken soup. ♥ yummyyyy
and then again "coincidentally" hanif, aziim and shakeirah were there saying hi and bye to my parents.
i wonder what would happen if they stayed.

i got sugar high for a bit but then was too full and too sleepy to even bother, haha.
ive been having fun for the couple of days.

i cant wait to eat some nasi goreng ayam tomorrow in the mamak :D
if that really happens...

someone help me choose which lomo to buy. jun told me about the site where he got his lomo and im totally freaking out and i want it badly now. should i get a polaroid or lomo?
either way i want one of them. badly.

"people who fall in love easily, don't have friends"
i have a feeling thats true.
im not saying im in love, but maybe im close to it.

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