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159 pokemons :D

say hello to mr moustache!! :D
yes, last night we went all the way to great eastern for dinner.
which was hilarious, since we live suuuper far now. comparing to tupai tupai.
i was so excited to eat the butter prawns in there. oh well.
i had thai fried rice instead. :)

before dinner i had lunch (or a snack) with jenny, chen sern and his friend daniel.
we had bottomless tosteda chips with the beef thingy. it was fun :)
after that we went around and met chen serns other friends and went to play time crisis, which i sucked in. then went to brewball and chatted with jenny while the others did their thing.
had ice cream in baskin robbins. had jamoca almond fudge which was the shit.
had a chat in coffee bean and i went home.
i still had fun :)

wanted to eat in Tupai2 for dinner but it was still closed. stupid, had to go through the graveyards. creepy.
it was closed sooooo guess where we went! Great flippin Eastern.
yes we went all the way. and i made mr moustache!! :)

went to ikea on wednesday! oh the joy!
we bought seat cushions thing for our butts since the plastic chairs at the hostel are very uncomfortable. i managed to take quite a few pictures. ikea is so fun :D
i persuaded my mom to get the frozen meatballs with the sauce.
i feel so evil! :D haha
i cant wait to eat them.
bought some burrito thing in this new mexican food stall in ikano. it was alright, but ill taste the nachos soon :D
speaking of nachos, where did doritos go!
i miss it. very much.
we bought 4 pokkas, and 2 is already finished by 2 days. how am i not surprised.
i saw bean bags and they are expensive! :(

i still want to buy white jeans.
i think were buying fishes tomorrow.
cleaned the fish thingy this morning. theres so many snaaaails its gross.
i swam for a bit with my sister and now my eyes are super red since i dont wear glasses and i keep my eyes open while i swim. :)

2 more days till the holidays are finished and i feel like crap. i dont wanna go to school but i miss my friends!

i've been spending all my time just thinking about you,
i don't know what to do, i think i'm falling for you. :)

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