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when did your heart go missing? [160]

i've waited, waited for nothing.
you're leaving, leaving me hanging.
when did your heart go missing?
when did your heart go missing?

currently, im stressed to the brim. i really dont know what to write in my photography culminating task. its really a big mess and nothing seems to be helping.
whats worse is that i have this theory test for the audio unit tomorrow. which sucks.
i did not get the family genes of the whole math and science deal. i almost failed my recent math test and that really bummed me.
and also, theres the oh-so-good fitness testing.
12 minute run/walk.
i seriously think i have more enthusiasm when i was fasting, seriously.
i just dont have the mood to do anything after the week off.
im screwed for drama too, since i didnt do any practice for it.
and im taking drama for next semester.
i dont want IT, coz im sick of it already right now. so i guess im taking business in exchange of IT.

i was quite an enthusiast starting of the day but it just gradually faded since i was so very sleepy since the people outside were moving out things and was making a lot of noise which made me sleep later than i wanted.
but then i had someone else bothering me :)

on saturday we had satay for dinner since all the mamaks in kampung baru were closed.
on sunday i went cycling again but i was really lazy to do anything so i didnt cycle much.
packed whatever i had to pack and had dinner in MFM.
i swear i love the fish and the prawns there. urgh i want seafood so bad right now.

aaah god, im so sleepy and this is really distracting me and drifting me away from my work.
and im not helping myself coz, well, im writing this... with a pillow as an arm rest which my face would most probably land in soon.

ive been having deep conversations with a couple of people and it really made me think how far ive come. and how it just started... and why and a whole lot of other things.
maybe im lucky in one way or another...

I Miss You.

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