"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anaïs Nin

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when did your heart go missing? [160]

i've waited, waited for nothing.
you're leaving, leaving me hanging.
when did your heart go missing?
when did your heart go missing?

currently, im stressed to the brim. i really dont know what to write in my photography culminating task. its really a big mess and nothing seems to be helping.
whats worse is that i have this theory test for the audio unit tomorrow. which sucks.
i did not get the family genes of the whole math and science deal. i almost failed my recent math test and that really bummed me.
and also, theres the oh-so-good fitness testing.
12 minute run/walk.
i seriously think i have more enthusiasm when i was fasting, seriously.
i just dont have the mood to do anything after the week off.
im screwed for drama too, since i didnt do any practice for it.
and im taking drama for next semester.
i dont want IT, coz im sick of it already right now. so i guess im taking business in exchange of IT.

i was quite an enthusiast starting of the day but it just gradually faded since i was so very sleepy since the people outside were moving out things and was making a lot of noise which made me sleep later than i wanted.
but then i had someone else bothering me :)

on saturday we had satay for dinner since all the mamaks in kampung baru were closed.
on sunday i went cycling again but i was really lazy to do anything so i didnt cycle much.
packed whatever i had to pack and had dinner in MFM.
i swear i love the fish and the prawns there. urgh i want seafood so bad right now.

aaah god, im so sleepy and this is really distracting me and drifting me away from my work.
and im not helping myself coz, well, im writing this... with a pillow as an arm rest which my face would most probably land in soon.

ive been having deep conversations with a couple of people and it really made me think how far ive come. and how it just started... and why and a whole lot of other things.
maybe im lucky in one way or another...

I Miss You.


159 pokemons :D

say hello to mr moustache!! :D
yes, last night we went all the way to great eastern for dinner.
which was hilarious, since we live suuuper far now. comparing to tupai tupai.
i was so excited to eat the butter prawns in there. oh well.
i had thai fried rice instead. :)

before dinner i had lunch (or a snack) with jenny, chen sern and his friend daniel.
we had bottomless tosteda chips with the beef thingy. it was fun :)
after that we went around and met chen serns other friends and went to play time crisis, which i sucked in. then went to brewball and chatted with jenny while the others did their thing.
had ice cream in baskin robbins. had jamoca almond fudge which was the shit.
had a chat in coffee bean and i went home.
i still had fun :)

wanted to eat in Tupai2 for dinner but it was still closed. stupid, had to go through the graveyards. creepy.
it was closed sooooo guess where we went! Great flippin Eastern.
yes we went all the way. and i made mr moustache!! :)

went to ikea on wednesday! oh the joy!
we bought seat cushions thing for our butts since the plastic chairs at the hostel are very uncomfortable. i managed to take quite a few pictures. ikea is so fun :D
i persuaded my mom to get the frozen meatballs with the sauce.
i feel so evil! :D haha
i cant wait to eat them.
bought some burrito thing in this new mexican food stall in ikano. it was alright, but ill taste the nachos soon :D
speaking of nachos, where did doritos go!
i miss it. very much.
we bought 4 pokkas, and 2 is already finished by 2 days. how am i not surprised.
i saw bean bags and they are expensive! :(

i still want to buy white jeans.
i think were buying fishes tomorrow.
cleaned the fish thingy this morning. theres so many snaaaails its gross.
i swam for a bit with my sister and now my eyes are super red since i dont wear glasses and i keep my eyes open while i swim. :)

2 more days till the holidays are finished and i feel like crap. i dont wanna go to school but i miss my friends!

i've been spending all my time just thinking about you,
i don't know what to do, i think i'm falling for you. :)


158 ways to kill a human

someday you'll know
if love can move a mountain,
someday you'll know
why the sky is blue,
someday we'll know
why i was the one for you.

i finally watched A Walk To Remember today! argh, its such a sweet story. i'm such a sucker for chick flicks.
i got to watch Cats too! Rum Tum Tugger is hotttttt but not in real life. haha i finally understood the story thanks to the comments on youtube.
youtube saved my life.

anyways, i had my math test on thursday. at least 20 minutes passed and ms alexis (i think) went on the mic and announced:
The government have announced that tomorrow is a public holiday.
and friday was off. awesome.
but yeah, the math test was awful. i already know that ive got 2 mistakes. boo me.
im happy that friday was off since i had CT test to do. which is now on tuesday :)
but was bummed since i was actually looking forward to dress up for Dress Down Day.

i received my report card and id have to say im happy about it. im looking forward to do much better. but now, im scared for my careers report.
which is only in october.
screw it, ill just... be patient and calm :)

after school my sister got really bored so we went to pyramid with andriana.
we walked in the rain.
to pyramid.
heavy raindrops falling to the ground.
thank god sohail lent us his big umbrella to survive :D

left the umbrellas at giant since we didnt want to carry it around :)
ate at mr teppanyaki and had yogurt over at Jco.
i had fun walking back tooo.
we saw ms rani. LOL.
she honked us.
thank god it wasnt past the curfew!

on friday i had a blast.
started off the day hanging out with stephanie, rina and a little bit of aaron.
got to know stephanie a little bit more and bought gummys together :D
aaron couldnt join us for the movie so it was just the three of us.
we watched The Ugly Truth and it was funny. very sexual, but hella funny.
id watch it again :)

after that, rina went back and me and stephanie just hung around pyramid.
i had a fun time with them :)
stephanie dropped me off in school and i met daniel and jaz there coz we were planning to watch Final Destination 4.
we bought bubble tea and walked to pyramid.
i had fun playing house of the dead with them :)
we played DDR, time crisis and daytona too. which was fun :D

i asked Hanif to join so the four of us went to watch Final Destination 4.
gore, is the only thing that came to my mind if i thought about it again.
but yea, if you watched FD3, you might want to watch this... i prefer FD3 though.
the visual effects in FD4 sucked. they couldve done so much better.

funny moment while watching it was that when the main characters gf was wearing shorts/panties and checked out the tv and jaz went whoa! when the whole cinema was all silent.
everyone laughed at him. haha.

after that me and hanif went to asia cafe for his buka. had indomie goreng :)
I miss Indonesian food!! i can list down all the food that i want from there.
anyways, was there and went to play pool and walked back to his car in the rain.
and just chilled in his car after that.
i had a lot of fun :)

just when i thought the day ended, it didnt.
my sister, andriana and hendra were outside of the house chilling at the table. after i signed in i chilled there with them too :)
we were there till like 12 or something. haha talking with them was fun toooo.
albert and kelvin ended up being there too, which was cool.
i ate like a popmie there ahhaha :)

went back home to KL with andriana and chilled at home. we took some pictures for math :D
and talked, but didnt go anywhere.
waiting for everyone doing their raya prayers i managed to take some pictures of the mosque and stuff.
i hope its good enough for the whole photography thing.

after that we went to my mom's friends house, and another one, and shakeirah's house and this family friend's house.
very tiring indeed.
i managed to eat a little bit here and there so i dont think i gained.
but my dad said the weighing scale is broken hahaha.
i still had fun though haha.
apparently when i went to my moms friends house, my parents met an old friend who had a daughter.
and that daughter is the friend of andrianas sister.
this is what you call dejavuuuu!
the same incident happened before in tarbush. which was creeepier.

next day a couple of people came over the house, my urm... grandmas cousins son came over. and the relative of his wife. hahaha, weird connections.
but yea, the house was having guests! yay!
after sending andriana, i picked darius up and he was there too.
the wifi got fixed and then we went to ezzats house.
got to meet my friends, and hanif which was awesome.
but i felt like i abused the time though.
slept after watching an episode of boys over flowers :D

woke up and watched a walk to remember and cats.
a walk to remember is hands down my favourite movie of all time.
cats, is entertaining. i still remember all those stuff i liked when i watched it :D
jellicle catsssssss. bahaha.
im gonna watch the phantom of the opera tomorrow morning :)

met up with ryan for a bit at the 6th floor until hanif, aziim and shakeirah came over.
one of the weirdest moments of my life.
was scared too coz i was thinking of what my parents were thinking.
but i think it went fine since hanif kept on talking... and talking,
at least it wasnt silent.

after that, we ate at tarbush and i ate shit loads.
coz apparently i just ate like twice today in total (with the tarbush) and yea, that would explain my overeating. haha
i had chicken briyani and bits of caramel pudding and chicken soup. ♥ yummyyyy
and then again "coincidentally" hanif, aziim and shakeirah were there saying hi and bye to my parents.
i wonder what would happen if they stayed.

i got sugar high for a bit but then was too full and too sleepy to even bother, haha.
ive been having fun for the couple of days.

i cant wait to eat some nasi goreng ayam tomorrow in the mamak :D
if that really happens...

someone help me choose which lomo to buy. jun told me about the site where he got his lomo and im totally freaking out and i want it badly now. should i get a polaroid or lomo?
either way i want one of them. badly.

"people who fall in love easily, don't have friends"
i have a feeling thats true.
im not saying im in love, but maybe im close to it.


describe me in 157 words.

say my name,
say my name,
say my stupid name.
it's so stupid how we always have to do it again.

so its going to be raya in a matter of... wait, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday - four days! :)
haha my aim was to see how much i lost before raya and see how much i gained after the 2 days. bwahahahah.
but as always, it wouldnt probably work coz like what my mom said theres worms inside me eating it all up.
and i was thinking, maybe the worms are my intestines hahaha.

i think i need to find a way to save my money. ive had 60 bucks gone just like that.
its so much easier when i was in sayfol... beh.
either way i cannot wait for friday.
ive got it all planned up but not a confirmed plan.
i cant choose to either eat at mr teppanyaki or at ayam penyet ria.
hmmmm. i really wanna watch final destination though. and ice skating. gah! i miss it.

my parents already have a couple open house invitations.
and my dad was asking my mom if we should have one.
i laugh! LOL.
the so-called house is way too small for it.
but it would be fun if i could have my friends over for a change.
that is going to take a lot of cooking though.

ezzat invited me over, but my mom gave no response... yet.
planned to go out with my sayfol friends but they only have 2 days of holidays. that sucks you guys.
wanted to go to the bukit bintang intersection to take the traffic light... but it would be a lot nicer if it was at night... i wonder if i could persuade my parents. :)
bah, i have lots to do for the holidays and i can see it.

fridaaaaay!! why cant you come faster.
no, im not interested to get my report card.
im interested in what happens at dress down day and after school.

im the "Girl" in drama. I Am Dumb.


i've been itching to watch these couple of movies lately:
1. A Walk To Remember
2. The Notebook
3. Titanic
4. Cats
and some which i cannot remember...
i feel like shooting something. like House Of The Dead. yes.
in eight and a half hours id be doing my math test. i shall fail.


156 steps to take.

youre a chance taker, heart breaker;
got me wrapped around your finger.

aaaaaah i miss home!
well not exactly, im having fun with my housemate here.
she makes me stay up till 12.30 the least. ahaha
shes a lot of fun!

but school isnt.
i had so much work to do and still have a pile to do later.
at least i finished my PE.
which was actually quite an interesting assignment to do. i dont know what to write for 'what i learned from this clinic' though.
walking back to the hostel wasnt fun since... well lets just say that its a world full of perverts who have no life :)

friday was quite interesting.
ISKL is humongous with no doubt. i swear i wish im a student there. my life would possibly be so much better. it was nice to see Tanya again :)
had fun in pyramid. sushi king was a bummer since the sushi guy kept on looking at us. very annoying.
played House of the Dead 3 with my sister and Time Crisis + Dance Dance Revolution + Daytona with Andriana :)
i told you shes fun :)
after that we met Ola, Olen and Jesselyn over at Auntie Annes and chilled there for a bit and rushed back to the hostel.

saw the futsal tournament for a bit till my dad picked me and my sisters up and went to Bangi.
i also saw mr burrells daughter. she is so adorable. shes gonna be so prettyyy :)
quite a long journey so i slept in the car.
i actually liked it.
had yong tau foo on saturday!
i love it to death now.
i swear, i ate like a yong tau foo eating mutant. it never tasted so good :)

sunday was a boring day, slept in almost the whole time.
the soto betawi was uber spicy. i had to drink all my snapple so that the hideous taste of spice was gone. grr.

things are alright. its been fine to me, at least.
i cannot wait for friday.
i cannot wait for raya which is just around the corner!
i lost and gained back my weight but i hope i get taller. thats all im asking.

my right arm hurt quite bad from volleyball. i still dont know how to serve though.
started on audio for communications technology. and i already have to start finishing the whole magazine for careers or im just screwed, really.

okay i have to do my math now. if i send my hw late, hes gonna pick on me.
pity mr derek.


i want to make 155 memories with you.

and hold your own, know your name.
and go your own way.
and everything will be fine.

my god, i havent had proper sleep for the last couple of days.
tuesday was seriously doomsday. i had like a truck load of assignments for all 4 subjects.
i felt like i couldve died on the spot.

math was a new unit so of course, doing investigation and practice stuff. its very annoying.
and the work didnt even make any sense, really.
mr derek is rushing us, so its now like one chapter per day since theres a chapter test next week. its quite frustrating. im just happy that theres no new formulas.

then PE, we had to do an aerobics video. and the due date is the next 3 days. yes, tomorrow.
and i'm editing the video now. well, not really. i just started converting.
this is crazy.

for communications technology, we had to morph our faces to our favourite superhero... and make a tutorial. yeap, so i had to print screen every thing i did.
it was frustrating. there was nothing more confusing than that.

and last but not least, career studies.
i have to make some autobiography crap about my future. like Person Of The Year in Time Magazine.. and in total i would have to write up to 1000 words.. or less.
okay, i love writing but not on purpose. i dont know if that made sense or not.

i finished my communications technology and math. but the workload just keeps on coming.
i feel like im drenched into work this week especially.
wednesday was quite a bad day for me since i didnt sahur/eat in the morning to fast.
i woke up at 5 and slept again... till 6. what a klutz.
so yeah, i gave up since i was waaay too thirsty.
bought momogi and indomie in the lunchbox though. yummy.

i have lots to complain, but im trying to adapt. besides, its the risk that ive taken.
bah, whatever.
the IT people installed some synchronEyes thing on my laptop.
that means that teachers can seeeee what im doing. creepy.
now my laptop is super gay because of it. i hate it.
really bad.
i think my laptop is turning weird too.
my mouse is ultra gay, i cant photoshop properly.

man, ive actually got a lot to blog but since im way tired i dont think im gonna write so much.
i just cant wait for tomorrow, which is friday.
friday = sleep.
but then again, im meeting Tanya in ISKL. i cant wait for that =]

today was insane.
but i loved it =]
i had fun talking about cats with hanif. bahaaahah =]
my shift key is turning gay.

oh my god, i looked like a guy in my morphed picture.
im not very happy about it, and to make it even worse, thats my yearbook photo.

im suffering from hunger right now.
i want to sleep but i have this urge to stay up for absolutely no reason.
but then again, i usually talk to this housemate of mine - who is an awesome chick - andriana all the time. shes so fun. im so happy that shes my housemate.
i cant wait to buka with her next week. i hope.

i shall laugh at my results for my mid term report because theyre going to be ridiculous.
my sister bought me another pair of earphones since she lost the ones that i bought.
thank god there was an ict fair, or else i wouldnt be having earphones for a very long time. i hope they last.

all thats left on my to-do list is my photography contest and my career studies. my PE video is so screwed up.
i swear, this is not my lucky week for work.
im off to shower and to sleep, i dont wanna care anymore about work.

oh yes, we had a small little picnic for buka in titiwangsa with nandos on the weekend. it was quite a view. and there were 2 cats eating our bones. arent they just so helpful to the world ;)
see, lots to say.
seriously, off to shower.


154 kilometres away from you.

okay i just realized that the picture looked quite emo. hahahah.
but i like it! it took me a lot of effort to take it nicely. i had some other few which was... em0-er haha. i had a photography bicycle trip like a few weeks ago. i think i blogged about it...

anyways, i have no homework from math at all. finally.
i should seriously embrace this, coz i got a feeling that next semester is gonna be loads of work.
there should be english, science and 2 more which i still dont know.
andriana told me to take business coz its "fun".
i hate business.
i wouldnt have much to choose actually. i have a feeling i have to take IT which is a lot of work.
haaaa no more freedom :(

anywho, its still a long way. i still have to find out a way to pass this sem.
i had a math test, PE test and CT test.
math test = horrible. 6 marks are so off.
PE test = crap. coz thats what i wrote.
CT test = :( because i took a loooooong time. which im not supposed to.

there was nothing going on in careers class so i just brought my keys and laptop. ha ha.

on thursday we went to taman pertanian in Shah Alam for the scavenger hunt.
there was a monkey.
we had to take a picture with an animal.
i went to the monkey.
and got chased :(
well sorta, i screamed and ran away while it was turning. hahahaha but it was a funny experience. laugh all you want, coz im not embarrassed by my stupid act xD
but yeaaa it was fun but very tiring.
thank god i wasnt fasting. haha.
i hope Megan upload the photos! cant wait to see it :)

going to ISKL next friday coz of the football tournament and im going to meet up with Akmal and Tanya. yay :)
thank god for the yearbook committee! haha

its funny that the fact that i most probably stunk really bad on that day, i got back to the hostel like around 7 something. why? :)
coz i met up with hanif and we played left 4 dead. hahahaha.
it wasnt so bad. i only managed to kill a few zombies though... haha
played with lara and auleep.
i almost died like 2 times or even more hahaha

went to sayfol on friday
i got my nerds :D thank you daniel!
and i met a couple of people.
i cant wait to go back there again on monday
to see my friends.
and my report card. hahaha

went to KLCC today.
got my bank account.
per month.
talk about saving a LOT. -.-

and you know what
im sick of the stupid passport of mine.
how could they write my name wrongly?
im sure i wrote my name correctly and how could they have written it wrongly?
screw you seriously.
now everyone thinks my name is Saniwi.
screw you passport.

my name is my life.
it ruins my pride.
never ever write my name wrongly.
you would get a slap.

i bought pandan cake, shapes, dorayaki and lasagna for bukaaaa :D
its time to buka!
.... in 3 more minutes! hahaha

my dad said anniversary instead of some other word!
HAHAHA it was funny..
would be funnier if i remembered what that word was.
chewbacca! ♥


153 hearts stolen tonight.

hari-hari seindah lukisan,
bagai pohon bertunas impian,
jangan, janganlah kita lepaskan.
bubuk kenangan dalam lukisan.


i'm in love with that song
took that picture just now at study period when me and ilya were shooting for our video interview thing.
man i'm exhausted.

on sunday my dad woke me up to go cycling. i was all lazy and stuff and guess what? after getting ready, it got cloudy and then it started drizzling.
before we got to the entrance of the condo, it started to rain like cats and dogs.
so much for getting ready man.
was such a lazy sunday, didnt even do anything.
except watch Boys Over Flowers which ayesha made me watch. haha.
i am currently in love with Yi Jung♥ ahahaha.
he's adorable, with no doubt.

on monday picked up my sisters from their "camp" and heard their oh-so-fortunate story. apparently the chick i quite dislike made my sisters hate her too. so now all three of us dont like her. yay! hahaha.
theres just something wrong with her. go read my sister's blog to see the annoyance :)
finally bought Baskin Robbins since it was the 31st so we'd get 31% off the handpack ice creams :)

tuesday was fun.
i miss school.
we had yoga for PE and my back was so sore after the big round bouncy ball we were exercising with. haha. finished my photo editing for photoshop and it actually turned out nice :D
like this is before

and this is after

mwahahaha! daddieeee I want CS4 nowww. :)
it was actually quite frustrating zooming in to get it all right.
went for drama and we got a part of the script. it was so funny, i cant wait to do it. i want to be the narrator :)
after that me and ilya rushed to pyramid to shoot some videos all over pyramid.
includes jusco, speedy, harvey norman (which we got shoo-ed xD), starbucks, pizza hut and while we were walking.
met hanif on the way back. :)
he didnt look so happy though. I miss him.

anyway, we went to edit the stuff and did more stuff after that.
i had fun, really.
then we saw the videos of some peoples interviews today.
we had to change a lot.
took a lot of time to make it funny.
i hope people will enjoy it :)

had basketball for PE. i forgot my pants so i was late since i wanted to borrow theofanis pants.
thank you! :D
and we played basketball. i had fun despite the fact that i despise basketball.
i dont think it was mr burrells day though..
had to make a greeting card for communications technology.
mines gonna suck since it sucks already.

had fun in the common room today.
the mime show was great too! i wanted to cry at the Farewell part. it was really sad.
i was thinking what if it happens to me :(

oh and me and my sister got bored so we went to the lunchbox to buy some indonesian food :D
bought fruit tea fusion (yay!), pop mie and momogi!
it was for 7 bucks which is such a ripoff if you convert.
but everything seems to be more expensive if you do anyway.
but yea, i would be returning there soon :D
after that we walked around the college and even went to the library and cafeteria.
my sister wanted bubble tea so we went to pink.
they didnt have bubble tea :(
but either way i had fun.
i cant believe im staying up.
someone slap me.

ah crap i dont have batteries for scavenger hunt tomorrow!